King Harold lay with his fleet in the Firths,
whence he sent messengers round the land to
such as had not come to him, but with whom
he thought he had business. The messengers
came to Kveldulf, and were well received.
They set forth their errand, said that the king
would have Kveldulf come to him.

Kveldulf answered that he was an old man,
not fit for war or to be out in warships.
'I will now,' said he, 'sit at home and
leave serving kings.'
Upon this the messengers said,
'Then let your son go to the king;
he is a tall man and a likely warrior.
The king will make you a baron,'
said they to Grim, 'if you will serve him.'

'He has heard,' said they, 'that you are a
man of renown and high family.
You will get from him terms of great honour,
for the king is very keen on this,
to have with him such as he hears are men of
mark for strength and bravery.'

The king´s message to Kveldulf.
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