Thorolf's ship is taken.

There were two brothers named Sigtrygg Swiftfarer and
Hallvard Hardfarer, kinsmen of king Harold on the mother's side;
from their father, a wealthy man, they had inherited an estate in Hising.
Four brothers there were in all; but Thord and Thorgeir, the two younger,
were at home, and managed the estate.
Sigtrygg and Hallvard carried all the king's messages,
both within and without the land, and had gone on many dangerous journeys,
both for putting men out of the way and confiscating the goods of those
whose homes the king ordered to be attacked.
They kept about them a large following; they were not generally in favour,
but the king prized them highly. None could match them at travelling,
either on foot or on snow-shoes;
in voyaging also they were speedier than others—valiant men they were,
and very wary.

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These two men were with the king when those things
happened that have just been told.
In the autumn the king went to a banquet in Hordaland.
And one day he summoned to him
the brothers Hallvard and Sigtrygg,
and when they came he bade them go with their following
and spy after the ship which Thorgils had taken westward
to England in the summer.
'Bring me,' said he, 'the ship and all that is in it, except the men;
let them go their way in peace, if they do not try to defend the ship.'

(Sigtrygg Swiftfarer)
(Hallvard Hardfarer)