Hildirida's sons in Finmark and at Harold's court.

Hildirida's sons took the business in Halogaland;
and none gainsaid this because of the king's power,
but Thorolf's kinsmen and friends were much displeased at the change.
The two brothers went on the fell in the winter,
taking with them thirty men.
To the Finns there seemed much less honour in these stewards than when
Thorolf came, and the money due was far worse paid.

That same winter Thorolf went up on the fell with a hundred men;
he passed on at once eastwards to Kvenland and met king Faravid.
They took counsel together,
and resolved to go on the fell again as in the winter before;
and with four hundred men they made a descent on Kirialaland,
and attacked those districts for which they thought themselves
a match in numbers, and harrying there took much booty,
returning up to Finmark as the winter wore on.
In the spring Thorolf went home to his farm,
and then employed his men at the fishing in Vagar,
and some in herring-fishing,
and had the take of every kind brought to his farm.

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