Of Skallagrim's industry.

Skallagrim was most industrious. He had about him always many men,
whom he set to seek diligently all such provisions as could be got there
for man's sustenance,
because at first they had but little live-stock compared with
the needs of their numerous company.
But what live-stock they had went every winter self-feeding in the woods.
Skallagrim was a good shipwright, and westwards
of Myrar was no lack of driftwood.
He had buildings set up on Swan-ness, and had another house there.
This he made a starting-point for sea-fishing, seal-hunting,
and egg-gathering; in all these kinds there was plenty of provisions to get,
as well as driftwood to bring to him.
Whales also often came in there, and whoso would might shoot them.
All such creatures were then tame on the hunting-ground,
as they were unused to man.
His third house he had on the sea in Western Myrar.
This was even a better place to look out for driftwood.
There, too, he had land sown, and called it Acres.
Over against it lay islands, among which whales were found;
these they called Whale-islands.

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