Of Skallagrim's children.
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Page 101 Chapter

Skallagrim and Bera had a great many children,
but at first they all died. Then they had a son,
who was sprinkled with water and named Thorolf.
As a child he soon grew to be tall and was
fair of countenance.
It was the talk of all that he would be just such
another as Thorolf Kveldulf's son,
after whom he was named.
Thorolf was far beyond children of his own age in strength.
And as he grew to manhood he became doughty in most
accomplishments then in vogue among those who
were well trained.
Thorolf was of a right cheery mood.
Early did he come to such full strength as to be deemed fit for
warlike service with other men. He was soon a favourite with all,
and his father and mother loved him well.
Skallagrim and his wife had two daughters;
one was named Sæunn, the other Thorunn.
They also were of great promise as they grew up.
Then Skallagrim and his wife had yet another son.
He was sprinkled with water and named, and his name was Egil.
But as he grew up it was soon seen that he would be ill-favoured,
like his father, with black hair.
When but three years old he was as tall and strong as other
boys of six or seven.
He was soon talkative and word-wise.
Somewhat ill to manage was he when at play with other lads.

(Torolf is born).
(Egil is born).(Torolf)