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Page 325 Chapter
Death of Bodvar: Egil's poem thereon.

Bodvar Egil's son was just now growing up;
he was a youth of great promise, handsome,
tall and strong as had been Egil or Thorolf at his age.
Egil loved him dearly,
and Bodvar was very fond of his father.
One summer it happened that
there was a ship in White-river,
and a great fair was held there.
Egil had there bought much wood,
which he was having conveyed home by water:
for this his house-carles went,
taking with them an eight-oared boat belonging to Egil.
It chanced one time that Bodvar begged to go with them,
and they allowed him so to do.
So he went into the field with the house-carles.
They were six in all on the eight-oared boat.
And when they had to go out again,
high-water was late in the day,
and, as they must needs wait for the turn of tide,
they did not start till late in the evening.
Then came on a violent south-west gale,
against which ran the stream of the ebb.
This made a rough sea in the firth, as can often happen.
The end was that the boat sank under them,
and all were lost.
The next day the bodies were cast up:
Bodvar's body came on shore at Einars-ness,
but some came in on the south shore of the firth,
whither also the boat was driven,
being found far in near Reykjarhamar.