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Page 323 Chapter
Of the marriages of Egil's daughters.

By the time that Egil came out to
Iceland from this journey,
the whole district was settled.
All the original land-takers were dead,
but their sons or sons' sons were living,
and dwelt there in the district.
There was a man named Grim,
son of Sverting;
he dwelt at Moss-fell below the heath;
rich was he and of good family;
his sister was Rannveig whom Thorod,
the priest in Olvos, had to wife;
their son was Skapti the lawman.
Grim was also afterwards lawman.
He asked to wife Thordis daughter of
Thorolf Egil's brother,
and stepdaughter of Egil.
Egil loved Thordis no whit
less than his own children.
She was a very beautiful woman.
And since Egil knew that
Grim was a wealthy man and
the match was a good one,
it was so settled,
and Thordis was given to Grim.
Then Egil paid over to her
her father's heritage,
and she went
home with Grim,
and the pair dwelt
long at Moss-fell.

(Thorod, the priest in Olvos)
(Skapti the lawman)
(Thordis daughter of
Thorolf Egil's brother,
and stepdaughter of Egil.)