Thorolf goes abroad.

Thora bare a child in the summer; it was a girl.
She was sprinkled with water, and named Asgerdr.
Bera got a woman to look after the girl.
Bjorn stayed for the winter with Skallagrim
as did all his shipmates.
Thorolf struck up a friendship with Bjorn,
and was ever in his company.
But when spring came,
one day Thorolf had a talk with his father,
and asked him what counsel he would
give about Bjorn his winter guest,
or what help he would lend him.
Grim asked Thorolf what Bjorn had in view.

'I think,' said Thorolf,
'that Bjorn would
soonest go to Norway,
if he could be
there in peace.
Methinks, father,
this plan lies before us,
that you send men to
Norway to offer
atonement for Bjorn;
Thorir will greatly
honour your word.'

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