Of Bjorgolf, Brynjolf, Bard, and Hildirida.

There was a man in Halogaland named Bjorgolf;
he dwelt in Torgar. He was a baron,
powerful and wealthy; in strength, stature,
and kindred half hill-giant. He had a son named
Brynjolf, who was like his father.
Bjorgolf was now old, and his wife was dead;
and he had given over into his son's hands all
business, and found him a wife, Helga,
daughter of Kettle Hæing of Hrafnista.
Their son was named Bard;
he soon grew to be tall and handsome,
and became a right doughty man.


One autumn there was a banquet where
many men were gathered, Bjorgolf and
his son being there the most honourable
guests. In the evening they were paired
off by lot to drink together,
as the old custom was.
Now, there was at the banquet a man
named Hogni, owner of a farm in Leka,
a man of great wealth, very handsome,
shrewd, but of low family, who had
made his own way.
He had a most beautiful daughter,
Hildirida by name;
and it fell to her lot to sit by Bjorgolf.
They talked much together that evening,
and the fair maiden charmed the old man.
Shortly afterwards the banquet broke up.


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