Thorolf resolves to serve the king.

Page 19 Chapter

'I spake what was in my mind, that I would never take service
with king Harold; and ye two will both do the same,
if I may counsel: this I think will be the end, that we shall reap
ruin from that king.'
'That,' said Thorolf, 'is quite contrary to what my mind tells me,
for I think I shall get from him much advancement.
And on this I am resolved, to seek the king, and become his man;
and this I have learnt for true, that his guard is made up of none
but valiant men. To join their company, if they will have me,
seems to me most desirable; these men are in far better case than
all others in the land. And 'tis told me of the king that he is most
generous in money gifts to his men, and not slow to give them
promotion and to grant rule to such as he deems meet for it.



Thorolf Kveldulf's son and Eyvind Lambi
came home from sea-roving in the autumn.

Thorolf went to his father,
and father and son had some
talk together.
Thorolf asked
what had been the errand of
the men whom Harold
sent thither.
Kveldulf said the king had
sent them with this message,
that Kveldulf or else one of
his sons should become his man.
"How answeredst thou?”
said Thorolf.

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