Hallvard and his brother go after Thorolf.

King Harold was in Vik while Thorolf was harrying,
and in the autumn he went to Upland,
and thence northward to Throndheim,
where he stayed through the winter with a large force.
Sigtrygg and Hallvard were with him:
they had heard what Thorolf had done at their house on Hising,
what scathe he had wrought on men and property.
They often reminded the king of this,
and withal how Thorolf had plundered the king and his subjects,
and had gone about harrying within the land.
They begged the king's leave that they two brothers might go,
with their usual following and attack Thorolf in his home.

The king answered thus:
'Ye may think ye have good cause for taking Thorolf's life,
but I doubt your fortune falls far short of this work.
Thorolf is more than your match,
brave and doughty as ye may deem yourselves.'
The brothers said that his would be put to the proof,
if the king would grant them leave;
they had often run great risk against men on whom they had
less to avenge, and generally they had won the day.

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