Thorolf retaliates.

When spring came, and the snow and ice were loosed,
then Thorolf launched a large warship of his own,
and he had it made ready, and equipped his house-carles,
taking with him more than a hundred men;
and a goodly company there were, and well weaponed.
And when a fair wind blew,
Thorolf steered southwards along the coast till he came to Byrda;
then they held an outer course outside the islands,
but at times through channels between hill-slopes.
Thus they coasted on southwards,
and had no tidings of men till they came eastwards to Vik.
There they heard that king Harold was in Vik,
meaning in the summer to go into Upland.
The people of the country knew nothing of Thorolf's voyage.
With a fair wind he held on south to Denmark,
and thence into the Baltic, where he harried through that summer,
but got no good booty.
In the autumn he steered back from the east to Denmark,
at the time when the fleet at Eyrar was breaking up.
In the summer there had been, as was usual, many ships from Norway.
Thorolf let all these vessels sail past, and did not show himself.
One day at eventide he sailed into Mostrarsound ,
where in the haven was a large ship of burden that had come from Eyrar.
The steersman was named Thorir Thruma;
he was a steward of king Harold's, manager of his farm at Thruma,
a large farm in which the king used to make a long stay when he was in Vik.

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(Thorir Thruma)