Thorolf and the king.

In the summer Thorolf went south to king Harold at Throndheim,
taking with him all the tribute and much wealth besides,
and ninety men well arrayed.
When he came to the king, he and his were placed in the guest-hall
and entertained magnificently.
On the morrow Aulvir Hnuf went to his kinsman Thorolf;
they talked together, Aulvir saying that Thorolf was much slandered,
and the king gave ear to such tales.
Thorolf asked Aulvir to plead his cause with the king,
'for,' said he, 'I shall be short-spoken before the king if he choose rather
to believe the lies of wicked men than truth and honesty which
he will find in me.'

The next day Aulvir came to see Thorolf, and told him he had spoken
on his business with the king; 'but,' said he, 'I know no more than
before what is in his mind.'
'Then must I myself go to him,' said Thorolf.
He did so; he went to the king where he sat at meat,
and when he came in he greeted the king.
The king accepted his greeting, and bade them serve him with drink.
Thorolf said that he had there the tribute belonging to the king from Finmark;
'and yet a further portion of booty have I brought as a present to thee,
O king. And what I bring will, I know, owe all its worth to this,
that it is given out of gratitude to thee.'

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