Thorgils goes to the king.

There was a man named
Thorgils Yeller,
a house-carle of Thorolf's,
honoured above all the rest
of his household;
he had followed Thorolf in
his roving voyages
as fore-castle man and standard-bearer.
He had been in Hafr's Firth,
in the fleet of king Harold,
and was then steering the very ship that
Thorolf had used in his roving.
Thorgils was strong of body
and right bold of heart;
the king had bestowed on him
friendly gifts after the battle,
and promised him his friendship.
Thorgils was manager at Torgar,
and bore rule therehen Thorolf was not at home.

Before Thorolf went away this time he had
counted over all the king's tribute that he had
brought from the fells, and he put it in
Thorgils' hand, bidding him convey it to the king,
if he himself came not home before
the king returned south.
So Thorgils made ready a large ship of burden
belonging to Thorolf,
and put the tribute on board,
and taking about twenty men sailed
southward after the king, and found him in Naumdale.

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