Hildirida's sons talk with Harold.

Hildirida's sons went to the king and bade him to a three nights' banquet.
The king accepted their bidding, and fixed when he would come.
So at the appointed time he and his train came thither.
The company was not numerous, but the feast went off very well,
and the king was quite cheerful. Harek entered into talk with the king,
and their talk turned on this, that he asked about the king's journeys in
those parts during the summer.
The king answered his questions, and said that all had received him well,
each after his means.


'Great will have been the difference,
' said Harek, 'and at Torgar the company at the banquet
will have been the most numerous.'
The king said that it was so.
Harek said: 'That was to be looked for,
because on that banquet most was spent; and thou, O king,
hadst great luck in matters so turning out that
thy life was not endangered. The end was as was likely;
thou wert very wise and very fortunate;
for thou at once suspectedst all was not for good on seeing
the numerous company there gathered;
but (as I am told) thou madest all thy men remain armed
constantly and keep watch and ward night and day.'
The king looked at him and said: 'Why speakest thou thus, Harek?
What canst thou tell of this?'

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