Thorolf in Finmark.

In the winter Thorolf took his way up to the fells with a
large force of not less than ninety men, whereas before
it had been the wont of the king's stewards to have thirty men,
and sometimes fewer.

He took with him plenty of wares for trading. At once he appointed
a meeting with the Finns, took of them the tribute, and held a fair with them.
All was managed with goodwill and friendship, though not without fear
on the Finns' side. Far and wide about Finmark did he travel;
but when he reached the fells eastward, he heard that the Kylfings were come
from the east, and were there for trading with the Finns,
but in some places for plunder also.
Thorolf set Finns to spy out the movements of the Kylfings,
and he followed after to search for them, and came upon thirty men in one den,
all of whom he slew, letting none escape. Afterwards he found together
fifteen or twenty. In all they slew near upon a hundred,
and took immense booty, and returned in the spring after doing this.

Page 37 Chapter
(king Faravid)
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