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Battle in Hafr's Firth.

King Harold proclaimed a general levy, and gathered a fleet,
summoning his forces far and wide through the land.
He went out from Throndheim, and bent his course southwards,
for he had heard that a large host was gathered throughout Agdir,
Rogaland, and Hordaland, assembled from far, both from the
inland parts above, and from the east out of Vik, and many
great men were there met who purposed to defend their land
from the king. Harold held on his way from the north, with a
large force, having his guards on board. In the forecastle
of the king's ship were Thorolf Kveldulfsson, Bard the White,
Kari of Berdla's sons, Aulvir Hnuf and Eyvind Lambi,
and in the prow were twelve Berserks of the king.

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