Of the coming out of Yngvar, and of Skallagrim's iron-forging.

King Harold Fair-hair took for his own all those lands that
Kveldulf and Skallagrim had left behind in Norway,
and all their other property that he could lay hands on.
He also sought diligently after those men who had been
in the counsels or confidence or in any way helpers of
Skallagrim and his folk in the deeds which they wrought before
Skallagrim went abroad out of the land.
And so far stretched the enmity of the king against father and son,
that he bore hatred against their kith and kin,
or any whom he knew to have been their dear friends.

Some suffered punishment from him, many fled away and sought refuge,
some within the land, some out of the land altogether.
Yngvar Skallagrim's wife's father was one of these men aforesaid.
This rede did he take, that he turned all his wealth that he could into movables,
then gat him a sea-going ship and a crew thereto, and made ready to go to Iceland,
for he had heard that Skallagrim had taken up his abode there,
and there would be no lack of choice land there with Skallagrim.
So when they were ready and a fair wind blew, he sailed out to sea,
and his voyage sped well.
He came to Iceland on the south coast, and held on westwards past Reykja-ness,
and sailed into Borgar-firth, and entering Long-river went up it even to the Falls.
There they put out they ship's lading.

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