Of Guttorm.

There was a man named Guttorm,
son of Sigurd Hart.
He was mother's brother to king Harold;
also he had been his foster-father,
and ruler over his forces,
for the king was a child when he first came to the throne.
Guttorm had commanded the army in all battles which
Harold had fought to bring the land under his sway.
But when Harold became sole king of all Norway,
and sat in peace, then he gave to his kinsman Guttorm
Westfold and East-Agdir, and Hringariki,
and all the land that had belonged to
Halfdan Swarthy his father.
Guttorm had two sons and two daughters.
His sons were named Sigurd and Ragnar;
his daughters Ragnhildr and Aslaug.

Guttorm fell sick, and when near his end sent to king Harold,
bidding him see to his children and his province.
Soon after this he died.
On hearing of his death,
the king summoned Hallvard Hardfarer and his brother,
and told them to go on a message for him eastwards to Vik,
he being then at Throndheim.

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