Skallagrim's journey to the king.

Skallagrim made him ready for this journey,
choosing out of his household and neighbours the strongest
and doughtiest that were to be found. One was Ani,
a wealthy landowner,
another Grani, a third Grimolf and his brother Grim,
house-carles these of Skallagrim,
and the two brothers Thorbjorn Krum and Thord Beigaldi.
These were called Thororna's sons; she dwelt hard by Skallagrim,
and was of magic skill. Beigaldi was a coal-biter.
There was a man named Thorir Giant,
and his brother Thorgeir Earthlong, Odd Lonedweller,
and Griss Freedman.
Twelve there were for the journey, all stalwart men,
and several of them shape-strong.

They took a rowing-ship of Skallagrim's, went southwards along the coast,
stood in to Ostra Firth, then travelled by land up to Vors to the lake there;
and, their course lying so that they must cross it,
they got a suitable rowing-ship and ferried them over,
whence they had not very far to go to the farm where the king was being entertained.

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(Thorgeir Earthlong)
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