Page 47 Chapter
Thorolf again in Finmark.

That winter Thorolf went again to Finmark,
taking with him about a hundred men.
As before, he held a fair with the Finns,
and travelled far and wide over Finmark.
But when he reached the far east,
and his coming was heard of,
then came to him some Kvens,
saying that they were sent by Faravid,
king of Kvenland,
because the Kiriales were harrying his land;
and his message was that
Thorolf should go thither and bear him help;
and further that Thorolf should have a share
of the booty equal to the king's share,
and each of his men as much as two Kvens.
With the Kvens the law was that the king
should have one-third as compared with his
men when the booty was shared,
and beyond that, as reserved for him,
all bearskins and sables.
Thorolf put this proposal before his men,
giving them the choice to go or not;
and the more part chose to venture it,
as the prize was so great.
This is was decided that they should
go eastwards with the messengers.

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