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Page 370 Chapter
Grim takes the Christian faith.

Grim of Moss-fell was baptized when Christianity was established by law in Iceland.
He had a church built there, and 'tis common report that Thordis had
Egil moved to the church.
And this proof there is thereof, that later on,
when a church was built at Moss-fell,
and that church which Grim had built at
Bush-bridge taken down,
the churchyard was dug over,
and under the altar-place
were found human bones.
They were much larger than
the bones of other men.
From the tales of
old people it is thought
pretty sure that these
 were Egil's bones.
Skapti the priest,
Thorarin's son, a wise man,
was there at the time.
He took then the skull of Egil,
and set it on the churchyard fence.
The skull was wondrous large,
but still more out of the common way was its heaviness.
It was all wave-marked on the surface like a shell.
Skapti then wished to try the thickness of the skull.
He took a good-sized hand-axe, and brandishing it aloft in one hand,
brought down the back of it with force on the skull to break it.
But where the blow fell the bone whitened,
but neither was dinted nor cracked. Whence it might be gathered that this skull
could not easily be harmed by the blows of weak men while skin and flesh were on it.
The bones of Egil were laid in the outer part of the churchyard at Moss-fell.