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Page 363 Chapter
Thorstein goes to a feast.

There was a man named Thorgeir, a kinsman and friend of Thorstein:
he dwelt then at Swan-ness.
Thorgeir was wont to have a harvest feast every autumn.
He went to Thorstein Egil's son and asked him to his house.
Thorstein promised to come, and Thorgeir went home.
But on the appointed day Thorstein made him ready to go:
it wanted then four weeks of winter.
With Thorstein went an Easterling, his guest, and two house-carles.
There was a son of Thorstein named Grim,
who was then ten years old;
he too went with Thorstein, thus they were five in all.
And they rode out to Foss, there they crossed Long-river,
then out, as the road lay, to Aurrida-river.
On the outer bank of that river Steinar was at work,
and Aunund, and their house-carles.
And when they perceived Thorstein they ran to their weapons,
then pursued his party.
On seeing Steinar's pursuit, these rode outside Long-holt.
There is a hillock, high and bare of wood.
Thorstein's party dismounted there, and climbed the hillock.
Thorstein bade the boy Grim go into the wood,
and not be present at the encounter.
As soon as Steinar and his company came to the hillock they set upon Thorstein's party,
and there was a fight.
There were in Steinar's band six grown men in all,
and a seventh was Steinar's son, ten years old.
This encounter was seen by those who were on the meadows from other farms,
and they ran to part them.
But by the time they were parted both Thorstein's house-carles had lost their lives,
one house-carle of Steinar's had fallen, and several were wounded.