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Page 361 Chapter
Of Thorgeir.

Thorgeir Blund was there at the Thing, Egil's sister's son;
he had given Thorstein much help in this suit.
He begged father and son to give him some land out there on the Moors.
Hitherto he had dwelt south of White-river below Blunds-water.
Egil received the request well, and persuaded Thorstein to let him come thither.
So they settled Thorgeir at Anabrekka,
but Steinar moved house beyond Long-river and settled down at Leiru-brook.
But Egil rode home southwards to Ness, father and son parting on friendly terms.

There was a man with Thorstein named Iri,
fleet of foot and keen of sight above others;
he was a foreigner, a freedman of Thorstein's,
but he still had the care of his flocks,
and especially to gather the wethers up to
the fell in spring, and in autumn down to the fold.
Now, after flitting days,
Thorstein bade gather the wethers
that had been left behind in spring,
meaning to have them driven to the fell.
Iri was there in the sheepfold,
but Thorstein and his house-carles rode up to the fell,
being eight in all.
Thorstein was having a fence made across Grisar-tongue,
between Long-water and Cleave-river;
at which many of his men were employed in the spring.
After inspecting his house-carles' work here,
Thorstein rode homewards.

(Thorgeir Blund)