Of Thorstein Egil's son.

Thorstein Egil's son when he grew up was a most handsome man, white-haired, bright-faced. Tall he was and strong, yet not so much so as his father.
Thorstein was wise, gentle, quite of temper, calm above other men.
Egil loved him little; nor was Thorstein affectionate with his father;
but Asgerdr and Thorstein loved each other dearly.
Egil was now beginning to age much.

One summer Thorstein rode to the Thing, but Egil sat at home.
Before Thorstein left home he and Asgerdr managed
to take from Egil's chest without his knowledge
the silken robe given him by Arinbjorn, and Thorstein took it to the Thing.
But when he wore it at the Thing it trailed behind him,
and became soiled at the hem as they were going to the hill of laws.
And when he came home,
Asgerdr put the robe in the chest where it was before.
Long after, when Egil opened his chest,
he found that the robe was spoilt,
and questioned Asgerdr
how that had come about.
She told him the truth.
Then Egil sang:



'Him who from me inherits
I hold no worthy heir.
A son deceives me living,
Deceit I call his deed.
Well might he, wave-horse-rider,
Wait but awhile, till me
Sea-skimming shipmen cover
With shroud of piled stones.'

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