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Page 339 Chapter
Of Einar Helgi's son and Egil.

There was a man named Einar. He was the son of Helgi, the son of Ottar,
the son of Bjorn Easterling, who took land in Broad-firth. Einar was brother of Osvif the seer.
Einar at an early age was tall and strong, and most doughty.
He began to compose poetry when quite young, and was eager for learning.
One summer at the Thing Einar went to the booth of Egil Skallagrimsson,
and they began to talk, and soon their talk took this turn that they spoke of poetry.
In this converse both of them found pleasure.
After this Einar often went to talk with Egil, and a great friendship was struck
up between them.Einar had not long returned to Iceland from foreign travel.
Egil asked Einar much of tidings from the east, and about his friends,
and withal about those that he deemed his enemies.
He asked also much about men of rank.
Einar in turn asked Egil about the events that had happened in his travels,
and about his exploits. This talk pleased Egil, and was kept up briskly.
Einar asked Egil on what occasion his prowess had been most hardly tried;
this he begged him to say. Egil then sang:

(Osvif the seer)
(Bjorn Easterling)