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Page 320 Chapter
Egil comes to Thorfinn's. The harrying of king Hacon.

Egil traveled on till he came westward out of the wood.
They made for Thorfinn's that evening,
where they were well received:
their wounds were bound up,
and they stayed there several nights.
Helga, the master's daughter, was now on her feet,
and whole of her ailment.
For this she and all the family thanked Egil.
He and his rested there themselves and their beasts.
The man who had graved the runes for
Helga dwelt not far off.
It now came out that he had asked her to wife,
but Thorfinn would not give her.
Then this landowner's son would fain beguile her,
but she would not consent.
So he thought to grave for her love-runes,
but he did not understand them aright,
and graved that wherefrom she took her sickness.
And when Egil was ready to depart,
Thorfinn and his son escorted them on the road:
they being thus ten or twelve in company.
They went with them all that day as a guard
against Armod and his house-carles.
But when the tidings were heard how Egil's band had fought
against overwhelming odds in the wood and conquered,
then Armod thought it hopeless to raise shield against Egil:
wherefore he with all his men sat at home.
Egil and Thorfinn exchanged gifts at parting,
and pledged themselves to friendship.
Then Egil and his men went their way,
and no tidings are told of their journey before they came to Thorstein's.