Egil and his band slay twenty-five men.
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Page 314 Chapter

Egil went till he came to Alf's,
and was there for the night in good quarters.
Next morning he rose before day
and made ready for his journey.
And while they sat over their morning meal,
Alf the master came in.
He said:
'You are making a start betimes,
but my counsel would be that
you hurry not your journey,
but rather look before you,
for I think there be liers-in-wait
for you in the wood.
I have no men to give you as escort
who would be any strength to you:
but this I offer,
that ye tarry here with me till
I can report to you
that the wood is safe.'
Egil said:
'That will be mere nonsense.
I will go on my way as
I before meant to do.'