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Page 311 Chapter
Egil gathers tribute.

Egil made him ready early next morning
to continue his journey,
as did his comrades, but at parting
Egil gave Alf a fur cloak.
Alf took the gift with thanks, saying,
'A good mantle have I here.'
And he bade Egil visit him on the way back.
They parted friends;
and Egil going on his way came on the evening
of a day to earl Arnvid's court,
where he found a good reception.
He and his comrades were placed next to
the sitter in the seat opposite the earl.

When Egil had been there for a night,
he declared his errand with the earl,
and the message of the king from Norway,
and said that he wished to have all that
tribute from Vermaland that had been owing
since Arnvid had been set over the land.
The earl said that he had paid out of hand
all the tribute, and delivered it
into the hands of the king's messengers.
'But I know not,' he said,
'what they have since done with it, whether they brought it to
the king or ran away with it out of the land. However,
as ye bear sure tokens that the king has sent you,
I will pay all the tribute to which he has a right, and deliver it into your hands:
but I will not be answerable afterwards for how you fare with it.'
Egil and his men remained there for awhile.