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Page 309 Chapter
Egil comes to landowner Alf.

Egil said to his comrades that he would go
on his way and abide no longer.
Thorfinn had a son named Helgi, a valiant man.
Father and son offered Egil their company through the wood.
They said they knew for a fact that
Armod Beard had put six men into the wood to lie in wait for them,
and it was likely that there would be more ambushed in the wood
in case the first should fail.
There were with Thorfinn four that offered to go.
Then Egil sang a stave:

'If four with me follow,
Thou findest not six men
With us bloody sword-blows
To barter in fight.
And if he with eight go,
Undaunted in courage
On twelve black-browed Egil
The battle will dare.'