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Page 306 Chapter
Parting of Egil and Armod.

Egil rose up in the morning as soon as it was day.
He and his made them ready,
and when ready went at once to the house to seek Armod.
And when they came to the apartments where slept Armod
and his wife and daughter,
then Egil burst open the door and approached Armod's bed.
He then drew his sword, but with the other hand
grasped the beard of Armod,
and forced him forward to the edge of the bed.
But Armod's wife and daughter leapt up
and prayed Egil not to slay Armod.
Egil said he would spare him for their sakes;
'For,' said he,
'this is but meet;
yet has he deserved to die.'
After this Egil cut off his beard close to his chin,
and put out one of his eyes.
Then he went out to his companions.
They went on their way and came a day-meal-time
to the house of Thorfinn.
He dwelt by Eida-wood.
Of him they craved a day-meal and to bait their horses.
Thorfinn granted this,
and Egil with his men went into the hall.
Egil asked if Thorfinn had seen anything
of the rest of his party.
'We appointed,'
he said,
'to meet here.'