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Page 301 Chapter
Journey to Vermaland.

Egil with three comrades made him ready for the journey.
They had horses and sledges, and so had the king's men.
There was then deep snow, and all the roads were effaced.
They betook them to their journey when they were ready,
and sledged up the land; and when they came eastwards near Eida,
it happened one night that so much fresh snow fell
that they could not see the way.
On the morrow they traveled slowly,
because there were snowdrifts directly one left the track.
And as the day wore on they stopped to bait their horses;
this was near a wooded ridge.
Then spoke the king's men with Egil:
'Here now the roads divide;
forward below the ridge dwells a landowner named Arnold,
our friend;
we with our party will go and lodge there.
But you shall go yonder up the ridge,
and when you come over it you will soon have before you
a large house where you are sure of lodging.
A wealthy man dwells there, Armod Beard by name.
But to-morrow early we will again join company and
go on the next evening to Eida-wood.
There dwells a worthy landowner named Thorfinn.'

(Armod Beard)