Mission to Vermaland.
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Page 297 Chapter

King Harold Fairhair had subdued Vermaland eastwards as far as Lake Wener.
Vermaland had first been cleared and tilled by Olaf Tree-cutter,
father of Halfdan Whitebone, who first of his family was king in Norway;
and from him on the father's side was king Harold descended,
and all his forefathers had ruled over Vermaland and taken tribute therefrom,
and set men in charge over the land. But when Harold was grown old,
then was an earl named Arnvid governor of Vermaland.
It happened there, as elsewhere, that the tribute was worse paid now than when
Harold was in the vigour of life.
So also was it when Harold's sons strove for the rule in Norway,
the outlying tributary lands were little looked after.
But when Hacon sat in peace, then enquired he after all the empire that
his father Harold had had.
King Hacon had sent eastwards to Vermaland a company of twelve men.
These had received the tribute from the earl.
But as they were going back to Eida-wood, robbers set upon them and slew them all.
The same hap befell yet other messengers sent by king Hacon eastwards to Vermaland;
the men were slain, and no money was brought back.
Then was it said by some that earl Arnvid belike set men of his own to slay
the king's men, while he kept the tribute for himself.
Whereupon king Hacon sent yet a third company.

(earl Arnvid)