Egil's sadness.
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Page 289 Chapter

Egil after Yule-tide was taken with much
sadness that he spake not a word.
And when Arinbjorn perceived this
he began to talk with Egil,
and asked what this sadness meant.
'I wish,' said he,
'you would let me know whether you are sick,
or anything ails you, that I may find a remedy.'
Egil said:
'Sickness of body I have none;
but I have much anxiety about this,
how I shall get that property which
I won when I slew Ljot the Pale
northwards in Mæra.
I am told that the king's stewards have
taken up all that property,
and claimed ownership thereof for the king.
Now I would fain have your help in the recovery of this.'
'I do not think your claim to the ownership of that property
is against the law of the land;
yet methinks the property is now come into strong keeping.
The king's treasury hath a wide entrance,
but a narrow exit.
We have urged many arduous claims
of money against powerful persons,
but we were in more confidence with the king than now;
for the friendship between me and king Hacon is shallow;
yet must I act after the old saw:
He must tend the oak who is to dwell beneath it.'