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Page 269 Chapter
Egil and Thorstein go before the king.

King Hacon Athelstan's foster-son then ruled Norway, as was told before.
That winter the king held court in the north in Throndheim.
But as the winter wore on, Thorstein started on his journey and Egil with him,
and they had about thirty men.
When ready they first went to Upland, thence northwards by the Dovre-fell to Throndheim, where they came before king Hacon. They declared their errand with the king.
Thorstein explained his cause, and produced witnesses that he was rightful owner of all that inheritance which he claimed.
The king received this matter well, and let Thorstein obtain his possessions,
and therewith he was made a baron of the king even as his father had been.

Egil also went before king Hacon and declared his errand,
giving therewith king Athelstan's message and tokens.
Egil claimed property that had belonged to Bjorn Yeoman, lands and chattels.
Half of this property he claimed for himself and Asgerdr his wife;
and he offered witness and oaths to his cause.
He said, too, that he had set all this before king Eric, adding that he had then not got law, owing to king Eric's power and the prompting of Gunnhilda.
Egil set forth the whole cause which had been tried at the Gula-thing.
He then begged the king to grant him law in this matter.

(King Hacon Athelstan's foster-son)