Egil goes to Norway.
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Page 266 Chapter

There was a baron in Norway named Eric Allwise.
He married Thora, daughter of lord Thorir,
sister of Arinbjorn.
He owned property eastwards in Vik.
He was a very wealthy man, much honoured,
of prophetic foresight.
Son of Eric and Thora was Thorstein;
he was brought up with Arinbjorn, and was now fully grown,
though quite young.
He had gone westwards to England with Arinbjorn.
But in that same summer when Egil had come to England
these tidings were heard from Norway,
that Eric Allwise was dead,
but the king's stewards
had taken his inheritance,
and claimed it for the king.
These tidings when
Arinbjorn and Thorstein heard,
they resolved that Thorstein
should go east and
see after the inheritance.

(Eric Allwise)