Egil recites the poem.
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Page 259 Chapter

King Eric went to table according to his wont,
and much people were with him.
And when Arinbjorn knew this,
then went he with all his followers fully armed to
the king's palace while the king sate at table.
Arinbjorn craved entrance into the hall;
it was granted.
He and Egil went in with half of his followers,
but the other half stood without before the door.
Arinbjorn saluted the king;
the king received him well.
Arinbjorn spoke:
'Here now is come Egil.
He has not sought to run away in the night.
Nor would we fain know, my lord, what his lot is to be.
I hope thou wilt let him get good from my words,
for I think it a matter of great moment to me that
Egil gain terms from thee.
I have so acted (as was right) that neither in word
nor deed have I spared aught whereby thy honour
should be made greater than before.
I have also abandoned all my possessions,
kinsmen, and friends that I had in Norway,
and followed thee when all other barons deserted thee;
and herein do I what is meet,
for thou hast often done great good to me.'