Death of Skallagrim.
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Page 247 Chapter

There was a man named Thorgeir.
He had to wife Thordis Yngvar's daughter,
Egil's mother's sister.
Thorgeir dwelt on Swan-ness at Lambstead.
He had come out to Iceland with Yngvar.
He was wealthy and much honoured of men.
Thorgeir and his wife had a son Thord,
who was dwelling at Lambstead after his father,
when Egil now came back to Iceland.
It chanced in the autumn, shortly before winter,
that Thord rode in to Borg to find Egil his kinsman;
and he bade him to a banquet.
He had had ale brewed out at his home.
Egil promised to go,
and a day was fixed about a week thence.
So when the time came, Egil prepared to go,
and with him Asgerdr his wife;
they were a company of ten or twelve in all.
But just when Egil was ready,
Skallagrim went out with him,
and embracing him before he mounted said:
'You are late, methinks, Egil,
in paying to me that money which king Athelstan sent me.
What do you mean to do with that money?'

(Thordis Yngvar's daughter)