King Eric slays his brothers.
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Harold Fairhair set his sons to rule in Norway when he began to grow old:
Eric he made king above all his other sons.
It was when Harold had been king for seventy years that he gave
over the kingdom into the hands of his son Eric.
At that time Gunnhilda bare a son, whom Harold the king sprinkled with water,
giving him his own name;
and he added this that he should be king after his father if he lived long enough.
King Harold then settled down in retirement, being mostly in Rogaland or Hordaland.
But three years later king Harold died in Rogaland,
and a mound was raised to his memory by Haugasound.
After the death of the king there was great strife between his sons,
for the men of Vik took Olaf for their king, but the Thronds Sigurd.
But these two, his brothers, Eric slew at Tunsberg, one year after king Harold's death.
All these things happened in one and the same summer, to wit,
king Eric's going with his army eastwards to Vik to fight with his brothers,
and (before that) the strife of Egil and Bergonund at the Gula-thing,
with the other events that have just been related.