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Page 232 Chapter

The king asked Arinbjorn what he knew latest of Egil.
He said that Egil was on a cutter with thirty men,
and they took their way out to Stone-sound.
Then the king told his men to row by the inner sound,
and shape their course so as to meet Egil.

There was a man named Kettle Hod;
he was of king Eric's guard,
an Uplander by family.
He was pilot on the king's ship,
and steered the same.
Kettle was a tall man and a handsome;
he was near of kin to the king.
And 'twas generally said that he and
the king were like in appearance.

Now Egil, before going to the Thing,
had had his ship launched and the cargo put on board.
And after parting with Arinbjorn,
he and his went their way to Stone-sound,
till they came to his ship,
which lay there afloat in the haven with tent overspread.
Then they went up aboard the ship,
but the cutter rode beside the rudder of the ship
between the land and the ship,
and the oars lay there in the loops.