Marriage of Egil.
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Page 217 Chapter

Bergonund son of Thorgeir Thornfoot had then married Gunnhilda
daughter of Bjorn Yeoman.
She had come to keep house with him at Askr.
But Asgerdr, whom Thorolf Skallagrimsson had had to wife,
was then with Arinbjorn, her kinsman.
Thorolf and she had a daughter named Thordis,
and the girl was there with her mother.
Egil told Asgerdr of Thorolf's death, and offered her his guardianship.
Asgerdr was much grieved at the tidings;
she answered Egil's words well,
saying however but little one way or the other.
But, at autumn wore on, Egil began to be very gloomy and drank little,
and often say with his head drooping in his cloak.
One time Arinbjorn went to him and asked what meant his gloom.
'Though now you have had a great loss in your brother,
 yet 'tis manly to bear up well;
man must overlive man. Come, what verse are you now repeating?
Let me hear.'
Egil said he had just made this verse:

'Unfriendly, who was friend,
Fair goddess seems. Of old
Bold with uplifted brow
Beheld I woman's face.
Now one (whose name I veil)
No sooner to the skald
Occurs, than shyly sinks
Screen'd in his cloak his head.'

(Asgerdr & Tordis)