Egil buries Thorolf.

While his men still pursued the fugitives,
king Athelstan left the battle-field,
and rode back to the town,
nor stayed he for the night before he came thither.
But Egil pursued the flying foe,
and followed them far,
slaying every man whom he overtook.
At length, sated with pursuit,
he with his followers turned back,
and came where the battle had been,
and found there the dead body of his brother Thorolf.
He took it up, washed it,
and performed such other offices as were the wont of the time.
They dug a grave there,
and laid Thorolf therein with all his weapons and raiment.
Then Egil clasped a gold bracelet on either
wrist before he parted from him;
this done they heaped on stones and cast in mould.
Then Egil sang a stave:

'Dauntless the doughty champion
Dashed on, the earl's bold slayer:
In stormy stress of battle
Stout-hearted Thorolf fell.
Green grows on soil of Vin-heath
Grass o'er my noble brother:
But we our woe—a sorrow
Worse than death-pang—must bear.'

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