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Page 174 Chapter
Slaying of Thorvald Proud.

Eyvind Skreyja and Alf were the names of two brothers of Gunnhilda,
sons of Auzur Toti. They were tall and strong, and great traders.
They were then made much of by king Eric and Gunnhilda.
Not generally liked were they;
at this time they were young, but fully grown to manhood.
It so befell in the spring that a great sacrifice was fixed
to be held in the summer at Gaular.
Here was the most renowned chief temple.
Thither flocked numbers from the firths and from the fells,
and from Sogn, and almost all the great men.
King Eric went thither.
Then spoke Gunnhilda with her brothers:
'I would fain that you two should so manage matters in this crowded gathering,
that ye get to slay one of the two sons of Skallagrim, or, better still, both.'
They said it should be done.

(Eyvind Skreya)