Of the banquet at earl Arnfid's.
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Page 168 Chapter

Thorolf stood northwards with his force past Holland,
and they put into a harbour there, as the wind drove themback.
They did not plunder there.
A little way up the country dwelt an earl named Arnfid.
But when he heard that freebooters had come to land there,
he sent his men to meet them with this errand, to know whether they wished for peace or war.
Upon the messengers' coming to Thorolf with their errand,
he said that they would not harry there,
that there was no need to harry there or come with warshield, the land being not wealthy.
The messengers went back to the earl, and told him the issue of their errand:
but when the earl knew that he need not gather men for this cause,
then he rode down without any armed force to meet the freebooters.
When they met, all went well at the conference.
The earl bade Thorolf to a banquet with him, and as many of his men as he would.
Thorolf promised to go.