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Page 166 Chapter
Of the further harrying of Thorolf and Egil.

Harold Gormsson had then taken
the kingdom in Denmark,
his father Gorm being now dead.
The land was then open to harrying;
freebooters often lay off the Danish coast.
Aki knew Denmark well both by sea and land.
So Egil inquired of him diligently
where the places were that
promised good booty.
But when they came to Eyrar-sound,
then Aki said that up on land there
was a large trading town named Lundr;
there, he said, was hope of plunder,
but 'twas likely that the townsmen
would make resistance.
The question was put before the men whether
they should go up or not.
Opinions were much divided, some liking,
some letting it;
then the matter was referred to the leaders.
Thorolf was rather for going up.
Then Egil was asked what counsel he thought good.
He recited a stave:

'Wolf-battening warrior,
Wield we high gleaming swords.
In snake-fostering summer
Such deeds well beseem.
Lead up to Lundr:
Let laggards be none!
Spear-music ungentle
By sunset shall sound.'

(Harold "Bluetooth" Gormsson)
(Ruled about: 940-985 ad)
(Baptised: 960ad)