Of Thorolf's and Egil's harrying.
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Page 157 Chapter

Thorolf and Egil stayed that winter with Thorir,
and were made much of.
But in spring they got ready
a large war-ship and gathered men thereto,
and in summer they went the eastern way and harried;
there won they much wealth and had many battles.
They held on even to Courland,
and made a peace for half a month with the
men of the land and traded with them.
But when this was ended, then they took to harrying,
and put in at divers places.
One day they put in at the mouth of a large river,
where was an extensive forest upon land.
They resolved to go up the country,
dividing their force into companies of twelve.
They went through the wood,
and it was not long before they came to peopled parts.
There they plundered and slew men, but the people fled,
till at last there was no resistance.
But as the day wore on,
Thorolf had the blast sounded to recall his men down to the shore.
Then each turned back from where they were into the wood.
But when Thorolf mustered his force,
Egil and his company had not come down;
and the darkness of night was closing in, so that they could not,
as they thought, look for him.