Flight of Egil.
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Page 152 Chapter

Egil went in the night and sought the places where boats were.
But wheresoever he came to the strand, men were always there before him.
He went thus through the whole night, and found never a boat.
But when day dawned, he was standing on a certain ness.
He saw then another island, and between him and it lay a very wide sound.
This was then his counsel:
he took helmet, sword, and spear,
breaking off the spear-shaft
and casting it out into the sea;
but the weapons he wrapped round
in his cloak and made thereof
a bundle which he bound on his back.
Then he plunged into the water,
nor stayed his swimming
till he came to the island.
It was called Sheppey;
it was an island of no
great size covered
with brushwood.
There were cattle on it,
both sheep and oxen,
belonging to Atla-isle.
But when he came
to the island,
he wrung his clothes dry.