The slaying of Bard.
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Page 146 Chapter

King Eric and queen Gunnhilda came that same evening to Atla-isle,
and Bard had prepared there a banquet for the king;
and there was to be there a sacrifice to the guardian spirits.
Sumptuous was the banquet, and great the drinking within the hall.

'Where is Bard?'
asked the king;
'I see him not.'
Someone said:
'Bard is outside
supplying his guests.'
'Who be these guests,'
said the king,
'that he deemeth this
more a duty than
to be here within
waiting on us?'
The man said that
some house-carles
of lord Thorir
were come thither.
The king said:
'Go after them at once,
and call them in hither.'