Of Aulvir and Egil.
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Page 143 Chapter

There was a man named Aulvir, a house-carle of Thorir's,
who was manager and bailiff over his estate.
He had the getting in of debts, and was treasurer.
Aulvir was past his youth, but was still quite a hale man.
It so happened that Aulvir had to leave home to get in
some rents of Thorir's that had stood over from the spring.
He had a row-boat, on board which went twelve of Thorir's house-carles.
Just then Egil began to recover, and rose from his bed.
He thought it was dull work at home when everybody was gone away.
So he spoke with Aulvir, and said he would like to go with him.
But Aulvir thought one good comrade would not overload them,
as there was enough ship-room.
So Egil prepared to go.
He had his weapons, sword, halberd, and buckler.