Of Bjorn.
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Page 140 Chapter

Bjorn got for his portion another good and valuable homestead.
He did not become a liege-man of the king,
wherefore he was called Bjorn Yeoman.
He was right wealthy, and a great man.
No sooner did Thorolf come off the sea then he went at once to Bjorn,
and brought him Asgerdr his daughter.
There was a joyful meeting.
Asgerdr was a most beautiful and accomplished woman,
wise and right skilful.
Thorolf went to see king Eric.
And when they met,
Thorolf greeted Eric from Skallagrim,
and said that he had thankfully received the king's gift.
He then brought out a good long-ship's sail,
which he said Skallagrim had sent to the king.
King Eric received the gift well,
and bade Thorolf be with him for the winter.
For this Thorolf thanked the king, but said:
'I must first go to Thorir; with him I have an urgent errand.'